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5 Good Things

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There's no doubt spring is in the air + it has me thinking about brighter days ahead, the simple pleasures of a changing season + some goodness i'm relishing this new month. Here's 5 good things:)



5 good things




How good tho? the more the merrier. Silver is definitely having a moment - and i've fallen hard into my revived 90's ways.

Chunky Silver Rings

Ailie wearing Nova cuffVolumes dome ringsLennon Interlocked ring + Olinda Signet.



Maybe cos by this stage we're craving 'less dreary' more blue skies, but this light topaz (hello march 'jörd' birthstone) has me intrigued to try. If you're like me, you'll be surprised by how many light blue accents you already own ready to pair with our March hero. I see lots more of this charm paired with blue denim on its way.


Topaz charm


Jörd Topaz charm on Double box choker


topaz jörd necklace 

Ailie wearing March Topaz Jörd stone necklace 


#3 EARCUFFS (no piercing required)

Who needs the purgatory of healing newly pierced ears ?  answer- noone, cos... earcuffs!!
ear cuffs


Gia ear cuffs with chainEmerging Dome Earrings Nova cuffs


Take a letter, take a chain, make it meaningful to you + (for a bonus) add another charm =  winning combination for Spring:)
An understated frame will balance some braver headwear:) go on, surprise yourself!
Our Black Henri metal frames + amazing turquoise balaclava by Moss & Cable + Roake Studio, Betty belt bag
So there's some good things. I'd love to know some of yours?  Reb x

Jon Forson - Photography

Aille Greer - ACA Models

Roake Studio - Betty Belt Bag

Moss + Cable - Knitwear

Styling - Lines & Current

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