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5 Good Things #02

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A new season is upon us even though the weather hasn't caught up i'm taking stock of some good things- some simple things, not life-shattering things, but things that bring about a certain 'joie de vivre' in me at the minute. Here's 5 of them. 


1. Old Jackets. Recently i've had a resurgence of enthusiasm for my my mum's old leather blazer**  i had worn it a lot about 5 years ago but 2 years ago i got a new Whistles Leather and kinda forgot about it. The resurgence of mum's leather also got me thinking a lot about similar shapes but in soft suede material- cropped or oversized these older jackets have a lovely drape and richness that compliment modern styles underneath. 


 Mum's black leather + new oversized + cropped (below) Suede via Vinted



2. Long cord necklaces. Can't get enough of this length of necklace right now- for days when the change from a silver chain necklace just feels right. Lots new cord designs coming for summer too. 


 Dulci Cord

3. Big Scrunchies. Cute fabric- in your hair- doing a practical thing - what's not to love? Pair with earrings and you just feel like you've made an effort. 


 Brown Crinkle Scrunchie by Oak + Fort  holding onto my no-hair + Silver by Kindred of Ireland similar here.


4. Ceramics- esp coffee cups. Who isn't obsessed with collecting mugs? Recently izzylettyceramics sent me some pieces made in her London studio and they are such joy bringers:)


 Ceramics by @izzylettyceramics



5. Wipeable white boards and these pens with build in sponge on lid. Jon,(husband) bought each team member one of these these recently and honesty, we're all really 'on board' with the daily tasks optimisation:) Espen my 7 year old is using them for spellings and numeracy every night. Simple but effective, saving paper and giving us all the joy you get from ticking off your list- helps on rainy days. 


white boards


That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by, next one will HOPEFULLY be summery. Reb x

*** mum bought this for herself with money she got on her 40th birthday


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