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A Green Alchemy

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Introducing a 'Green Alchemy'
 Green Alchemy

Alchemy, an ancient practice of transforming metals - but for us jewel lovers, it's a green alchemy. The simplicity of a skinny green agate baguette stone set into a delicate chain or band and is a reminder that transformation can be found in the most simple of practices.


A Green Alchemy


With agate, traditionally known for its ability to bring balance to negative energy, these designs acknowledge virtue in 'simplicity' and the transformational beauty of the 'discreet.' The soothing power of agate is known to bring safety and calmness, so we're carrying some of that with us. 

A Green Alchemy Bar Necklace

Green Alchemy Bar Chain

Ciara in Green Alchemy
Green Alchemy
A Green Alchemy
A green Alchemy
A Green Alchemy Anklet

Photography: Macy Stewart

Models: Katharine Magwood  + Ciara Martin (Antipode the Agency)

Makeup: Frankie Darling

Chairs: Betty's Lounge

Creative Assist: Amanda Forson

2nd Creative Assist: Ruth Briggs

Styling & Words: Rebekah Johanson

Black skirts: Aimée Mary

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