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'A Lesson in Trust'

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Spring is a time of new beginnings, much like embarking on the journey of motherhood.
We asked Alana, a local illustrator, mural artist and designer (check out her website here) to sum up her experience of her motherhood journey so far. 
Late last year, after spending some time in Australia, Alana came 'home' to Northern Ireland with her partner Ryan to prepare for a whole new season in their lives. 
 Alana shared a beautiful journal entry with us-
'Pregnancy has been a journey of seasons. An incredible lesson in trust, as I make space for a version of myself that I am yet to meet... The Season of Motherhood'- Alana
              Alana wearing her 'Cosmo' Coin necklace, she's worn it for years.
As the due date approached, preparations were made to welcome the newest member of 'Linton' family. Settling into East Belfast, decorating the nursery, sea swimming (check out Ryan's 'a community with sole'), banking up some extra hours of sleep as they awaited their son.  
 Alana wears 'Selene' pearl necklace, 'Heart in the clouds' necklace +
her OG 'Cosmo' necklace.
Mini 'A' Dreamer coin added onto the 'Selene' chain,
stacked up with a 'Lainey'.
Welcome baby Bowie Alexander Linton  ⚡ 11.04.24
Images by Alana McDowell
Curated by Amanda Forson

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