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A 'Spirited' AW23

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This collection is braver than usual. An offering perhaps, for those who aren’t afraid of a colour clash or a heart turned on its side but more so, it’s for those who have a curiousity about what it is to be alive, how to carry clashing emotions and complex things inside, and how to broken and brilliant all at once. 


Spirited 2023

Explore 'Spirited' + 'Tiger's Eye' 

‘Spirited’ blends L&C’s iconic matt finishes with colourful gemstones. This collection approaches life with certain mindfulness and engagement, with each design adorning its own lively colour play of gemstones, a mix of drama and tranquility, stimulation and peace.


spirited rings by Lines and Current


'Spirited' rings

spirited and icecream

def. 'spirited:' full of energy, enthusiasm and determination or having a specified character, attitude, or mood.

Mixed Emotions Spirited

'Mixed Emotion' Heart Necklace

 While over all, she appears dainty, a mini trinity of three gemstones; burnt citrine, a green and a pink sapphire is delicately implanted into her left side. a nod to her little fire within. Playful yet understated. She’s got mixed emotions:)


Mixed Emotion necklace


in cafe


This sideways heart ring offers a unique perspective. A pinkie ring at heart (excuse the punn,) with a ruby gemstone embedded into an unpolished silver finish, this power pinkie is a fun expression of your feminine strength and playfulness.


Power pinkie


power pose



AW23 at Lines & Current also sees the introduction of the Tiger's Eye Collection. Also 'courageous' in energy, this collection calls out the tigresses in us.

Deep yellows, red and brown hues mark the palate. Comprised of a tiger's eye oval gemstone set in a molton silver casing we embrace the spirit of the Tigress. Guardian over what's hers, her choices and her cubs, she embodies what it is to live with courage and move with her own style and finesse. 


tigers eye



Tigers Eye pendant in cafe


Tiger's Eye pendant and ring

Jewellery: Lines & Current
Models: Alanna Mullin (Antipode Agency) + Ruta Mineikyte (ACA Agency)
Photography: John Forson
Designs + Styling: Rebekah Johanson
Creative Assistant: Amanda Forson
Locations: Guillimont Deli Belfast + Halt Cafe.

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