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Amie MacNab-Jack: Ordinary Days in L&C

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After a short sabbatical, ‘Ordinary Days’ is back! 

It’s my pleasure to introduce our next guest. Meet Amie MacNab-Jack- mama of two and owner of Sips Coffee Company. Amie currently lives in Bath with her husband and kids, but originates here in N.I. Some of Amie’s true loves are  ‘evenings in the month of June.. a large glass of something.. and a soundtrack of great tunes.’ oh girl, we feel you. K let’s get chatting….

Amie- Ordinary Days


How do you feel about coming out of lockdown?

All over the place! My inner hermit hasn’t fought the months of simplicity and burrowing in, especially with the fleeting magic of a newborn around. The extra ‘space’ gifted me the opportunity to start my own coffee company, for everyone who deserves a little ‘moment’ in their days, but especially parents who otherwise spend their days being tiny peoples’ snack bitch. I have also had the privilege of enjoying my husband being around as a touring musician who has been forced to hit a big, fat pause button. But my word, hasn’t it felt isolated at times? I passionately believe us humans are not built for this level of self-sustaining and seclusion. All I’ve wanted is to sit in someone else’s house, have a cuppa made by them and not have to do the washing up after. So bring it on! Also, music, culture, fashion... not on a screen. Please!

Amie- Ordinary Days in L&C
Amie and her girls
Amie and her girls


What’s your idea of a perfect ordinary day?

It would be for sure be bookmarked by a time-appropriate drink outside in the garden. OBVIOUSLY kicking off with a great cup of coffee in the early morning sun... because that’s my jam.

Amie and her coffee
Sip Coffee
Amie, girls and coffee
Essie Chain and Sigrid Chain
'Make it a Moment' she says

I am queen moocher, so a little time with my girls in the morning, get some orders packed in between juggling playing unicorn princesses and making castles out of blocks. After heaving bags of coffee and two little people to the post office, off we would go to grab some brunch. We live in very beautiful city of Bath, which has a beautifully rich independent food and drink culture so I would bring the family to our favourite bagel spot in Bath called Taylor’s Bagels. Let’s keep the whole family happy and take it to go to the park to let the gal pals stretch their legs and swing the morning away. Next up, babyccinos and flat whites at our coffee spot Colonna and Smalls or Society Café. I spent years pulling shots at Society but it still hasn’t put me off visiting all the time. We love exploring our surrounding area, so might head to the lovely town of Frome for a mooch, or get active and walk our border terrier in some local woodland or down by the canal for some top notch people watching. Let’s invite some amigos over for a lentil dhal, put our tiny companions to bed and bring the party out to the garden, spending the evening likely discussing weird and wonderful topics such as UFOs with a good supply of vino and a soundtrack to 70s folk music. Bedtime is always too late despite early starts,  but life’s for living!

Amie and 'You & Me' Locket

Favourite food or snack?

Impossible to answer!! I find it impossible to resist good bread and butter. When I’m back home in Northern Ireland, I might as well become part Ursa Minor sourdough and Irish butter. Whilst pregnant, I lived off stuffed crust margarita pizzas and Braeburn apples (exclusively). You get the picture... carbs. 

What are you learning about these days ?

Lots of my learning and headspace is dedicated to learning to run a business. I went into it with no experience under my belt, but the challenge and thrills are absolutely worth it. I adore my girls, and love pursuing good and gentle parenting practices with them which I find equally fascinating and rewarding. Aside from that, I’ve become obsessed with niche DIY like lime washing as we prepare to move into our new home, and my husband is always keeping me engaged in outlandish subjects such as the cosmos and juicy conspiracy theories. So, you know, just a few things! 

Amie on the laptop


Favourite way to feel inspired?

Explore! Remove some walls in your life and take yourself out of your ‘world’ to realise the world is a big, enlivening and diverse place. Surround yourself  with good people and pursue finding the beauty and wonder in small things. My girls are experts at that. My business motto is ‘Make it a Moment’ which can feel cheesy but I so believe life is about those boring moments in the day that you can tweak to make a little bit exceptional. 

Amie- thank you for this. Feel like I needed to hear it. Your girls are just SO cute and I just love your attitude to life and business ethos. Please go say hi to Amie over at @_sipandslides xo

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