Autumn Edit | Part Two - Lines & Current

Autumn Edit | Part Two

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As soon as September hit, Jon and i knew we needed to get some kind of rhythm in place for "working" hours versus all the other hours.  Jon and I share the week in terms of hours in the studio and hours with Espen. We've landed on the idea that i get at least two full days in the studio a week (then I'm in and out the rest of the week.) I'm really happy with this and i'm enjoying the longer blocks of time i get in the studio at the start of the week. I find I can be way more productive working in blocks of time rather than a few hours here and there. Anyone else?

All that to say, the longer hours in one have given me the headspace to put together a bit more content on the blog, so... here is the second edition of some Autumn inspired style and photos. This time I'm in front of the camera. My style is definitely not complicated. I wouldn't say I'm as 'Minimally' biased as i used to be or I'd like.  My style is first and foremost 'functional,' then meets soft tailoring; meets textures, with a tincy hint of 90's grunge. As always, it's fun to collaborate, so special thanks to Parici Belfast for lending me the clothes for a shoot and to Olive & Frank for our fun product swap. 

Lines & Current Studio
Knit & Moon Sister Pendant
Lines & Current Studio
Espen and Rebekah
 Fingers slowly poised and precisely positioned as very young toddlers do.  
Knit and Moon Sisters Pendant
 Brown Jumper and Elska Infinity Necklace
                 Beautiful wool jumper by Parici & the Elska Infinity Necklace
Tee by Olive and Frank
Tee by Olive and Frank
              Libertee Tee by Olive & Frank and Crescent Moon Sister Pendant and Mona choker
I know my days in this feeding position are coming to an end.
Thanks for capturing it Jon:)


Tee By Olive & Frank and Luna Pendant

'Be Kind' Tee by Olive & Frank & the Luna pendant  with added Crescent Moon
 and white Butterfly Sneakers kindly gifted by Ethical footwear brand Po-Zu.  Mom Jeans by Topshop.

Luna and Crescent Moon pendants

Luna and Crescent Moon Pendant

The Love of a Linen Shirt any time of year. 

  The Odin necklace and Moon Sister

The Odin Oversized Circle Necklace and Silver Crescent Moon sister looped twice on the silver extra long 48" Beaded chain.  The big mama bear bomber is Zara Online. Do i wish it wasn't Zara? Yea probably. The hunt for clothing that aligns with my inner compass for more transparency versus function (& aesthetic of a big cozy jacket i can wear at the studio) continues. I am ALL ears on matters like these and I'm working towards being better and more intentional. Thanks for scrolling. xx

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