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Bonté Uwimana: Ordinary Days in L&C

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'Ordinary Days' is back! 

In this series, we get a glimpse into the lives of genuine L&C'ers and ask them what type of 'ordinary' things they indulge themselves in! 

Meet Bonté Uwimana. She's a sterling-silver-wearing lass. She can't live without Maldon sea salt "aka the affordable luxury!" lives in Glasgow and is studying International Relations and Politics.


Bonte at home

Bonte at home


R: Hi Bonte, what’s your idea of a perfect ordinary day?

B: I’m 60% extroverted and 40% introverted so my perfect ordinary day would be a right mix between chilled alone time and joy giving hangs! I would kick off the day by waking up to my curtains open and the morning sun bursting through. I would sip a black coffee outside in the sun with my morning book which is currently ‘Silence in the age of noise’ by Erling Kagge. I would have Jess Elliot-Dennisons sage eggs for breakfast. The day would be filled to the brim with good food, fresh air and as many friends as I could fit in. I love having a nap during the day before dinner. Then I would cook a big feast for my friends and end the night with the winning combo of orange wine and a big natter. 


Bonte in Silver jewellery by lines and current
Bonte in her silver necklace stack by lines and current


Silver Stack



R: Favourite food or snack?

B: My favourite food at the moment is veggie gyozas !! You can make them yourself or buy them frozen. They are so moreish. Eating them with chopsticks makes them feel far more sophisticated than a packet of crisps. 




R: What are you learning about these days?

B: I’m currently learning/ trying to learn how to slow down, quiet my mind and body & be present with people and in my life. Life is too precious to rush through it. My current mantra is ‘be where your feet are’ 

 where your feet are


R: How does L&C jewellery fit into your personal style? 

B: As soon as I add a new piece of L&C jewellery to my collection it always feels like it belongs.  My della drip and onyx signet rings take pride of place on my hands which are filled with both silver and fun plastic rings. The liquid love collection is so me! I can’t get enough of the textured silver and am currently crushing on shell pieces. Although my style is super fluid, my L&C pieces effortlessly complement any look that I go for. 

 Hand and Rings



Harlow Hoop on Bonte


R: Favourite way to feel inspired?

B: Currently I feel most inspired by nature! Especially the sky. 


We love it Bonté. @bonteuwi + also @RachelLambPhotography  x

Bonté wears all sterling silver designs in order of appearance:

Saoirse Shell Locket (mini),

Millie Rope Chain, 

Liquid Name Tag,

Della Drip Ring,

Sigrid Shell Ring,

Harlow Drip Hoops,

Olinda Signet Onyx Ring.

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