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Calling the Storytellers with #MeMyselfandPortrait_Mama

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calling the story tellers

Any of you still cold from this long winter we're having.. well I've something that'll warm you up.. It's Mothering Sunday is this coming Sunday (11th March in the UK) and I've asked the lovely blogger Rida (Before and Again) to collaborate on a Mother's Day giveaway of the Dreamer Pendant. So if you're a story teller and wanna play too, keep reading...

Inspired by Rida's hashtag project #memyselfandportrait (a really beautiful gallery.) I wanted to give all you wonderful insta- storytellers an opportunity to share your stories of mamas and motherhood; whether that is remembering a mama/ celebrating friends who are amazing maternal figures or a good rant about your own journey with motherhood. All our stories are so powerful when shared and i thought this might be a great way to honour some amazing women in a creative way. So together Rida and I have created a new hashtag. #MeMyselfandPortrait_Mama.

Checkout some of the images and words in the entries so far with #MeMyselfandPortrait_Mama.


Anyone can play from all over the world. Not limited to UK. To perhaps win a dreamer necklace PLUS any selection of add-on coins:

1. Use the #MeMyselfandPortrait_Mama hashtag on an image on Instagram with your caption of words.
2. Follow Rida @beforeandagain & myself @linesandcurrent and that's it. 

Your entries are already so warm & interesting:) Rida will choose and announce the winner on Mother's Day.

Check here for Rida's lovely writeup on her blog and more of her images of a DREAMER pendant she will be giving her mum. 

Rida's Mum

And finally, my entry.. celebrating my mum with a 17year old pic of her. 

Rebekah's #memyselfandportrait_mama

So looking forward to seeing your images and reading your words. xx

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