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Debs Bourke: Ordinary Days in L&C

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Ordinary Days' is back! 

In this series, we get a glimpse into the lives of genuine L&C'ers and ask them what type of 'ordinary' things they indulge themselves in! 


Say hello to Debs aka @debs_ruth_. She's a go-getter in every sense of the word. She incapsulates the 'grab your bling + go do something fun' nature of our brand. If you aren't bumping into Debs buried in a pile of vintage goodness in a local thrift store or spotting the dynamic duo (Debs + the lovely Darren her husband) jetting off to a city for a weekender, you'll find her snuggled up on the sofa binging the latest Crime Doc on Netflix. 


We're swooning over her effortless style and inward confidence.. we think you're going to love this one. Enjoy. 


Debs taking a mirror selfie.

A: What’s your idea of a perfect ordinary day? 

D: Getting up around eight, eight seems to be the sweet spot for me, I get enough sleep (I cannot live if I have less than 8 hours) and I feel like I’m up and going early enough to feel productive. Then, croissants and fruit for breakfast, it’s my all time favourite breakfast (breakfast is hands down the best meal of the day). Then I’d choose what I want to wear for the day, when I love my outfit, I feel me and I feel confident. Getting dressed is 100% one of my favourite times of the day. Then, I’d head out for a coffee with my hubby, a perfect ordinary day will always include him. I wouldn’t even say I know that much about coffee or even necessarily like it thaaaat much but I am fully invested in the coffee snob lifestyle, for all of the atmosphere and the coffee shop feels, I just feel so content in a coffee shop. Charity shopping/thrift shopping has definitely become one of my all time favourite things to do in the last couple of years. As a fashion lover it’s been a great way to keep that creative side of me alive without having to buy a new fast fashion item every week. To end the day I would have to be snuggled up on the sofa with my hubby after a nice home cooked meal (preferably something with fish, have got really into fish recently) watching some sort of crime series. Gosh, that really does sound like the perfect day. 


Debs + Darren.



A: Desert Island skincare products?

D: When it comes to skincare, I’m a big believer in simplicity, I use very basic items, I don’t spend that much on skincare products. My skincare routine probably takes a total of 2 minutes in the morning and 5 in the evening. But my ride or die product I’d say is probably just my daily moisturiser, it's just Nivea day cream. It suits my skin perfectly and leaves my skin moisturised and dewy which is all I really want.

 Debs out for a coffee with her husband.


A: What have you been working on recently?

D: I’ve been doing lots of work on growing my husband and I’s production company, working out what direction we want to take it in. I’ve also recently got on board @freshcutsclothing as their social media executive which has been lots of work and there's lots of work still to do but I am loving every moment. I think overall I've been doing lots of work on my career and working out what I want it to be. I used to think I didn’t want a career but since discovering some passions of mine, I am more excited than ever about the future of my working life


 Debs Mirror selfie


A: What are you learning about these days?

D: I’ve learnt a lot about it being okay to change your mind, to have not liked something before but to like it now or to want something before but not to want it anymore. Like for example, I always told myself that I didn’t like the outdoors because I’m not an adventure hiker or a super outdoorsy person who loves the rain, but I do like the outdoors, just in my own way and that’s okay. Or that I tried to start a business but I didn’t actually like it once I started and that’s okay. I think I used to always think that I would be failing or being fake if I changed my mind on what I liked but it’s not like that. You can change your hobbies or your career or your favourite food, and that’s okay, you’re still you.


Debs on a Imovie


Debs breakfast.


A: How does L&C jewellery fit into your personal style?

D: I would describe my style as classic, timeless, a little oversized, with a hint of vintage and jewellery is an important part of that. Jewellery has a way of finishing off a look so perfectly and effortlessly. I like to keep it quite simple when it comes to jewellery, I want to be able to wear a necklace and not take it off for a week and it goes with every outfit for the week and all my L&C pieces do that. I sometimes spice it up with some more unique rings or a more statement earring alongside my other L&C pieces



Debs in Trench Coat 

Debs Shoe


A: Favourite way to feel inspired?

D: It really depends, it can be seeing someone on the street in an amazing outfit, it could be Pinterest, Instagram, getting outside into nature, going to a new city, seeing others following their dreams. I think honestly we can take inspiration from anything or anyone if we have the right outlook. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others (I do it all the time) or see others' success as our own failing (again I do this too), but it often leaves us feeling bitter and negative rather than inspired and creative. However, I find I feel most inspired when I’m able to look outside of myself and see others' success, talent, ability (whatever it is) as an inspiration instead of a road block.

 Debs' Ear bling


Big thankyou to Debs for sharing elements of her favourite Ordinary Day with us.


Jewels Debs wears in order of appearance: 

Dark Marlowe Signet Ring 

Senna Snake Chain necklace 

Boxy Boxy 18" ChainMarlowe Agate Pendant

Della Drip Ring

Liquid Huggies + Mona Charms 

Liquid Huggies + Cross Charms


Darren wears:

Nova Thick Cuff Ring

Dark Marlowe Signet Ring 


See ya soon,

A xoxo


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