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Jayne Irwin: Ordinary Days in L&C

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'Ordinary Days' is back! 

In this series, we get a glimpse into the lives of genuine L&C'ers and ask them what type of 'ordinary' things they indulge themselves in! 

Meet Jayne Irwin or @_maryjayne.art. Her warm, neutral tones are the perfect backdrop for her golden L&C.  She tells us a little bit about how her muse comes from all things nature, which we see inspires the beauty of her paintings, as well as her personal style. Her dream day looks like fresh coffee in one hand and a paint brush in the other. She loves manifesting future home renovations with her husband, and 'Kitty' is never far away.

Hope you enjoy a deep dive into her 'ordinary' as much as we did.

Jayne painting.
A: What's your idea of the most perfect Ordinary Day?
J: Wake up well rested, the fire is lit and my other half makes breakfast with some fresh coffee. The cat is curled up next to me and I read a book while the coffee kicks in. A little walk in the countryside to get me in ‘the zone’ painting, with a true crime podcast no less. The day is finished off with a takeaway paired with a glass of wine getting into a good movie by the fire. Recently we watched ‘Dead Poets Society’ which was fantastic.
Jayne with Kitty

Jayne wears the Kindred of Ireland 'Cadhla' Shirt in emerald.

A: What are you learning about these days?

J: I’m learning more about patience, waiting for actual paint to dry, which can be so slow depending on the thickness of paint. Patience with my skills, each day I learn more about the techniques in oil painting. As I’m self taught I need time and patience to develop, and I’m glad to say there are improvements. Sometimes stepping back to try something new or just simply sketching can make room for creativity to flow. You can’t always push through, being kind to yourself can be the best for your creative juices to flow and your mental health. 

Jayne gazing away.

 Jayne's Scrunchie


Jayne with her paints.


A: Do you see your personal style reflected in your art?

J: There’s no doubt that my personal style and art collide. The colours I surround myself with end up in my artwork, I can’t seem to depart from the warm neutral tones that make my heart happy. I hope to portray that warm calm feeling I have when I see a landscape or an interesting seascape onto canvas.


Jayne with her paints.


An example of one of Jayne's paintings.

 Sneak peak of Jayne's new work (arriving 25/2/22)


A: What makes you LOL the most in life?

J: The US Office, It’s a classic but a goodie, I have the ability to paint and watch Netflix at the same time. Call it a special skill and strangely motivating even though I don’t think any work actually happens in The Office.


Jayne drinking some coffee.


Jayne painting.


A: Fav way to feel inspired?

J: Going for a walk is simple and it gives me so much energy if I’m in a creative slump or I simply don’t feel like painting, I make myself go for a walk, listen to some soothing music or just listen to the birds sing. If I had a choice it would be a dander in the Mourne Mountains. The best walks are with your sister for a big chat about life, mental health and creative business.


Hiking in the Mournes.

 Jayne's current read is Stanley Tucci,'Taste'.


Jayne reading.


Thanks a million to Jayne for showing us some of her ordinarily beaut moments. We love how her artistic expression flows into just about each and every inch of her life.  


Cheers to Kalie for capturing Jayne (and our bling) so beautifully. 


Jewels that Jayne wears in order of appearance- 

Dana Cuff Band Earrings

Anya Russian Ring

Della Drip Ring

Cosmo Coin Necklace

Mini Figaro 16" Chain


Until next time.. 


A x

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