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IKindred of Ireland
Introducing something new to L&C - my first clothing collaboration. Say hello to the ‘Catherine’ set , a linen top and skirt that can be mixed and matched created with @kindredofireland celebrating a mutual love for effortless style, playfulness + classic silhouettes.
I’ve had the *most* enjoyable time wearing my linen ensemble all summer. It's been put though the test of a balmy wedding in Europe to lakeside in Canada and of course wet Irish adventures in between.
Catherine Skirt
Catherine Set
Catherine skirt
Photos by 6 yr son Espen while staying at my in laws in Calgary, CA
Both components are designed with wearability at their core and are named after my great grandmother Catherine (who I never met ) but who my Mum and I are named after. Catherine, along with her husband and sons grew flax (used for linen making) among other crops in their farmstead in Omagh. Felt so fitting. Amy, founder and designer at Kindred of Ireland, connected to the name as this theme of 'belonging' in Ireland runs so deep in the brand she's so beautifully created.

Amy so beautifully writes, "names hold so much more than identity; it's a legacy, a whisper of love, heritage, and kinship reverberating across generations. At Kindred, we deeply respect the generations that have gone before us, and we understand the invaluable contributions they've made."

This is exactly how I felt after Amy sent me the first linen sample. The starched linen fabric whispered 'Catherine' at first touch and I responded with a 'yes.'  My mum, named Catherine has also been my secret style icon, the one i go to for her gut reaction to clothing choices, so what better fit for my first clothing collab ?

Catherine set
The Catherine set is a fun lil’ everyday two piece made of natural toned irish linen with a delicate pin stripe.
The top is an A line sleeveless tunic that's slightly cropped, which from the front looks minimal and chic + on the reverse surprises with 3 tags that tie into bows - this is the friction or moment of drama that I crave in an outfit :) Versatile and reversible. Wear the ties to the front for a completely different look and layer over shirts in cooler months. 
The long slit in the high rise skirt has the same effect, relaxed and wearable for literally any occasion. 
Catherine top
Catherine top
 ** I’m wearing our first sample of the top in these photos tied to front, we’ve now added an extra “modesty” tie (3 total) on the official design 
** Catherine Set available now from Kindred of Ireland website here and here. 
Thank you to Amy, Kindred of Ireland for what you've created here in Northern Ireland. It's an honour to have collaborated on this set with you. 
**Created with 100% Irish Linen in a beautifully soft tumbled finish. A very subtle white pinstripe runs through the fabric. The top and skirt have been designed with longevity in mind,  with bias binding and french seams. 
** Available until 15th September. Please allow 3 weeks after order, as each piece is made to last with nothing wasted x
Reb x


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