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Leaning into the Classics

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Ever felt in a style slump? especially when in between seasons, or you're in a 'post' maternity phase or maybe you're in the process of discovering your style all over again. I've realised (through many a wander around each of the aforementioned phases) that there's a magic safety in 'leaning into the classics.'  Classic design has a stabilising effect for someone craving style-refuge, classic design works hard and most importantly, the classics are the perfect backdrop for your creativity to play (or not:) 


Bringing you six L&C classics -  all tried and tested, and all versatile enough to bring you out the other side of any 'in between' season. 

Dreamer Necklace


Enter our best selling Mixed Dreamer Necklace. Designed in the spring of 2017 when my son was born, this simple engraved disc on a beaded chain is far from a micro trend but holds the right amount of sentimentality to qualify as a timeless presence in your life. Available in silver, gold and as separate mini coin charms.


Sigrid does it all well. From daytime to evening, she'll fit the mood. 

Sigrid Collection
Sigrid Collection
Sigrid Collection

 Sasha wearing Sigrid shell collection in all its versatility. 



'Fines' can take you through any season of style deconstruction until you come out the other side. Just knowing you're wearing a diamond under the layers, under the complexities of recent 'life,'  really feels like an uncomplicated choice and has some balancing power that you should really try:)

Fines Hansley necklace
Hansley Necklace

Hansley Necklace in recycled solid gold + lab grown diamond.


Elska- she's nearly reaching 'icon' levels around here since her debut in 2015. A simple infinity, of course a little hammered up and interlocked on a retro box chain. We'll take a trust worthy friend like her, any day of the week.


Elska infinity chain
Elska infinity Chain


Finally, how do you feel about getting experimental with the classics? I've been loving the lariat style of chain lately (the Y style of chain that drops at the front) so it got me curious about whether it could be re-imagined on my staple Frieda cable or Frankie figaro (in order here) "clasp to front + drop" and I'm completely hooked:)



Lariat styled chains


Wearing Frieda chain + Frankie Figaro 20" 

So there's a dive into the classics. There's something about just being patient in a season of 'in between-ness' or style deconstruction, just riding the wave of turmoil for a bit and allowing the new shape to take form when the time's right. During such phases, leaning into the classics works every time! Shop them here.

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