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Liquid Love Drip I

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I am so pleased to bring you the first new pieces of the Liquid Love Collection. This selection of designs has been the outcome of musings at home over the last 6 months. I've been squeezing out ideas in the little slices that life presents, grabbing moments to think (usually sitting on the stairs - far enough away from the kids to signal to them that I'm kinda 'working' but not far enough away for them to not know where I am.) Emails, drawings to our silversmith in the afternoons after homeschool. Little bit, by little bit. It felt like a long process this time. Everything rolling over in slow motion. I have been most inspired by the idea of movement and changing tides. We've all experienced this in a visceral way as we've observed a heightened global shift these last months. All the while, there are powerful forces within us...and so it began with ideas of molten metal, trickling thickened viscous substances and after came the emotion; a love that could overflow, that could surge into the crevasses and also be soft like a long twilight sniff of a newborn's neck. So here's a little piece of me. All photographs were taken back home where I grew up in my parents stark white bathroom. I give you the first drip of Liquid Love.

The bathroom where i grew up

Oceane Ring

Meet the liquid rings, both sturdy and robust, oozing molten metal, a powerful gesture of the surging nature of love. 

the Oceane Ring

Dancing light on the Oceane Ripple Ring in sterling silver

the Della Drip Ring

The Della Drip Ring in a creamy 9k gold plating on sterling silver

The Della drip rings

The liquid Love Rings

the liquid huggie and hoops and charms

the Liquid Huggies and cross charms

the liquid huggie and cross charm

Liquid Huggie and Cross Charms come in pairs, are 8mm in diameter and are available in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold plating.

Liquid Huggie and Mona stud

Liquid Huggie and Mona stud charm

Liquid Huggie with Mona Stud Charm and Essie Cable Chain

Essie Long Cable Chain


Hali Hoop

Hali hoop with Mona stud

Our ultimate minimal statement hoop is called Hali. She means salt of the sea. She's so skinny, she's hardly there but at 12mm in diameter you can customise her with out new add on charms. Our new Mona stud charms can be added and the matching Cross Mona chain is her favourite accompaniment. 

Hali hoop and charm set


 Mood @AmandaMcVeigh

Of course it wouldn't be a photoshoot without roars and LOL's especially when you add the extra O2 dimension into the mix:) All pieces now available as part of the Liquid Love Collection. You can click through the pics to be taken to shop. Let me know your favs. More to come. Love Reb xxx








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