Liquid Love II -

Liquid Love II - "In the Depths of Her"

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Our second round up of designs in the 'Liquid Love Collection' have an innate darkness. A shadowy-self represented in the inclusion of a black agate stone  cased in sterling silver and gold plating. 
'In the Depths of Her'
In this drop, we welcome the first of our necklaces for Autumn/ Winter. The Goddess Moon Chain cradles a small agate stone under her left rippled arm as if nurturing her inner being. Only she can know what she really needs. She's reminded that it's okay to face her shadows. She can trust her lunar rhythm, that she is whole and full even when she appears dark and in the depths. 
The Goddess Moon Chains
The Goddess Moon Chain
Next, the Dark Marlowe necklace and ring designs have a curved square black agate stone set into a rimmed case. Marlowe, meaning 'river' calls for a return to the inner place. Like a river, we are deep and constantly moving under the surface and in this exploration of darkness, we often find the light. 
Dark Marlowe Designs
Dark Marlowe Ring
The Dark Marlowe Necklace has a 6mm x 6mm black agate stone set into a square case and hung with a vintage loop on a figgario chain. 
Philippa in the depths
Phillippa in the Marlowe Necklace
Philippa in the Marlowe Necklace
The Dark Marlowe Signet Ring has a large 8.5mm by 8.5mm black agate stone cased in a solid unpolished classic ring design with a thick 4mm bottom band. 
marlowe ring with large black stone
Marlowe Signet Ring
Marlowe Gift Set
Finally, we've been so enjoying playing dress up with our ears lately and will this earring, we're welcoming another addition to the Mona designs in the collection. The  Mona Thread Earring has a small 3mm black agate stud, detachable on a 65mm long thread. Weave it through multiple piercings; just wear the stud by itself or wear with the thread hanging down the back of your ear. You know we love versatility. Hope you do too!
Mona Stud Threads
Mona Thread Earring
Weaved Mona earring thread
                                                Mona Thread Earring 
There you have it. Four new designs reaching into the depths, tuning into the shadows of our lunar rhythms and the dark places under the surface. 
Reb x
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Special Thanks to @KalieReidPhoto + @PhillipaJordan for the brave and gorgeous water images above. 


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