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Meet Hetta + her Headwear pals in 2020

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She's soft, she's multi-talented and we're loving her new four new colourways. Meet Hetta or maybe you already know her. Either way, she's back in 2020. She's been newly manufactured in Portugal in a small sewing factory owned by Ricardo and his mother. 

Manufacturing the Hetta in Portugal

The Bleached Blonde Hetta in Portugal

Basically, we've been enjoying all of her multi-functional traits all winter so far. Let me introduce you....

Meet Hetta. She's a headband; a neckcoil and a beanie and she's now available in Slate Grey, Bleached Blonde, Sandy Brown and Pitch Black.

hetta as Headband

Hetta as neckcoil

Hetta as beanie

Over the last few years, we've had a lot of people saying how comforting Hetta has been for people going through chemotherapy? If you purchase a Hetta and have a family member or close friend going through chemo, we would love to donate a Hetta to them in addition to your purchase. Just email us at with the persons name, address and your order number as proof of purchase and we will donate one.                    

Sandy Brown Hetta

Rebekah wear Hetta as Headband and Amanda as neckcoil

Hetta Multifunctional Headwear

Pitch Black Hetta headwear as beanie

Hetta and Hilda Hoops

Hetta as scrunchie and necklacol

While I've got you here, I also must tell you about our Frederik cap. It's corduroy, has an inside lining and got a peak (aka- wrinkle repeller,) so we're pretty enthused about this chap too. 

Frederik Corduroy Cap

Frederick Corduroy Cap

Click the pics to be brought straight to product.

Thanks to Ben Connolly for the Hetta illustrations above & Amanda here for letting me photograph her every few seconds:)

Thanks for stopping by. Reb xxxx



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