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Meet the New AW16 Collection | Moving Toward

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The designing started in July. I'm up in the old baby/office room, and the girls who were then off school for summer, were tearing up every crevasse of our home and had been in and out one hundred times. My mind is elsewhere. I'm thinking winter... i know, how out of season is that? I'm asking, "What is the story i want to share?.. We enjoyed the everyday understated designs like the ALMA choker or the ODIN necklace that reflect the everyday urge for simplicity, but is there something tad bolder that's still in-keeping with the minimal aesthetic?" So the sketching, the sampling commenced and now 4 months later i finally have something to show you. 

the Petra pendulum drop earrings in sterling silver and the mini d stud drop ball earrings in gold plated, by lines and current this autumn winter 2016.

the PETRA Pendulum Drop Ball Earrings & the Mini 'D' Drop Earrings 

I love the design process, but i love the 'story-telling' side of bringing the designs to life more. They're autobiographical in many ways, translating in silver something of real life, as strange as that may seem.

the ODESSA half circle cuff bangle bracelet in unpolished sterling silver

the Odessa half circle sterling silver cuff bangle bracelet by lines and current

the ODESSA Half Circle Cuff Bangle

It is with much relief after months of tweaking that I present you the AW16 minimal jewellery collection. As you can see, the running theme is a sense of movement and curvature. Designed with the intention of journey and a feeling that "I'm not there yet but I'm on a trajectory and I'm totally okay with that."

 the ANJA Pipe necklace in oxidised silver and unpolished matt finished sterling silver.

the ANJA Arc Pipe Necklace 

"Who ever arrives anyway?" I say. The lines in the pieces are strong, not hammered and the semi circles, 'D' shapes and arc curves are a reminder that I'm 'moving toward.' Even in spite of the most frustrating brick-wall circumstances, surprises, disappointments, and massive wonderful, changes in my life, I.. we.. are still 'moving toward' something. We're not standing still. These designs, just in time for party season are a celebration of that.

Finally, united by our untamed hair  & the chaos that is juggling our creative lives with mummyhood, artist pal Aly Harte & muso twinny, Ruth & myself are re-launching our 'Hair Ties' for the new season. Available now in two colour palates; we love them, we wear them and we hope you will too.  (Now available in Head Wear.)

hair ties available in 2 different colour palettes

the 'Hair Ties' in the 'Ballerina' palette & 'Minimal' palettes. 

Artist Aly Harte and sister Ruth from Band New Portals and promo pic for our Hair tie collab


I hope you like the collection so far.

Big Love

Rebekah x

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