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#MinimalbutwithMeaning Monthly Giveaway

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#MinimalbutwithMeaning Hashtag Giveaway

One of the most rewarding and fun aspects of the brand has been watching the shares on Instagram grow and generate a bit of chat. The pieces you select from the collections have, (in a mini way,) become symbols for the 'Minimal, Thoughtful and Everyday' mantra we are putting out there and it's been SOOO cool watching you apply your own story via the almighty inspiring powers of Instagram and seeing the community expand.


Win a pair of sunnies & an ELSKA infinity necklace

So.....thought we'd ramp it up a gear to start the new year and have decided to blast out a pair of sunnies AND a necklace (worth £55) to our fav player this month & continue to re-run the love each month after. Here's how to play:

  1. Take a shot of your L&C product- (with or without face or a person is fine, flatlay pics - all good:) We're looking out for inspiring, real-life, minimal-lovin' images that feature the product in a cool or minimal way. You know how we roll!
  2. Post the pic. Tag @linesandcurrent & use hashtag #MinimalbutwithMeaning with a caption of your choice.
  3. And that's it!!  (**Remember if your Instagram account is private, I can't see the photo, so once you have posted, PM me a screenshot of your post & send it to me @linesandcurrent.)

I'll announce my favourite image on 28th Feb and feel free to post as many as you like no matter where you live. Here's some inspo to get you started. Can't wait to send out some L&C goodies to you lot as a thankyou for those L&C lovin' insta-squares. 

MinimalbutwithMeaning Hashtag Players Jan 2017

Thanks to all the mazin' Insta-players so far & thanks @_clothedinstrength  for the #MinimalbutwithMeaning pic in the header featuring her DELTA triangle pendant. 

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