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On Being Queen of your Own Castle

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The thing about Hollie is, she's super strong and super soft all at once. Having worked full time in the fitness industry for ten years while bringing up her two sons, she's used to being physical and moving her body. But honestly she's so much more than her physical side. Hollie is literally the most approachable person on the planet.. ask anyone that knows her. It's like her warmth and generosity of spirit totally disarms any preconceived ideas someone might have about a strong women. A few weeks ago we were texting about a new caravan she'd just acquired and i asked if she'd let me photograph her in it before she renovated it. So the next morning we got to play and the retro vibes of the van became the perfect soul space for shooting the Liquid Love designs and Hollie herself was the perfect playful model- up for trying something new and dripping in a sense of who she is. 

 Harlow Earring

 Liquid Tag

While watching Hollie move around in her new domain, buzzed about the memories she's gonna make with her family, I said out loud, "Look at you- it's like your the Queen of your Castle." Since then, it's got me thinking about what it is to be a queen of our own castles? what it is to feel at home is own bodies?  What it is to live at peace with ourselves ? and who better to chat to than Hollie who has worked for the last decade with females asking the same question. 


Wearing Saoirse and Oceane


Wearing Saoirse and Oceane




R: What do you think it means to be 'queen of your own castle' or be at home in your own body?

H: There’s so much external pressure and expectation to want to change. Always being told that our 'current state' is not enough -that there’s more to be had, and while we stay still in that state, we’re missing out on the potential of being more. I lived in that illusion for many years, and frankly became exhausted in the pursuit of pushing. When I found resolve in my own home body, I decided that what I had was everything I needed and more, and it was here I found a peace that had never been unlocked before. This has become the true nature of freedom to me. I allow myself to pursue 'desires' rather than 'goals.' These days I lean deeper into 'how I want to feel.' I bring those feelings to life and that deepens my connection with myself. For me, this is what it means to be at home in your own body. There's no reason to contort or redefine yourself based on the opinions of others. You are the queen of your own castle. 
Hollie and Clementine
Wearing Harriet Sunglasses
R: What are the feelings you hope to have in your 'new' castle (aka caravan home on wheels?)
H: We all have a longing for more time in wide open spaces, a break from the pace of daily life. Uninterrupted time with the ones we cherish. Opportunity to lean into the simple goings on of spending time together. Having my little travelling house has given me the chance to quench the thirst for all things that represent freedom in my life. Mountains, ocean, stunning views of endless sky horizons, sunset beach walks and early morning coffee starts before the world awakes. I want it all! I like life to be simple, I like spaces in between. 
Hollie and Oceane
Oceane ring
Oceane set and Hollie
Our Van Clementine wasn’t expensive, a labour of love that I enjoyed connecting with. Turning her original features into something better aligned to what my soul enjoys. We didn’t change her, we just made her shine brighter.
Sigrid Shell Set
Liquid love Jewellery and Oranges
I've a sense this conversation is just getting started. If you're into the idea of mindset and wellness coaching with Hollie or her live home workouts, you can check it out here or say hello to her on IG @thefreedommethod (I've been doing her home weighted sessions since September -love them!)
Hollie wears all 18k gold-plated pieces from the Liquid Love '21 Collection. 
Styling and photography by me Rebekah. x

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