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Ordinary Days in L&C

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Golden ear stack

Liquid Huggies & Hilda Hoop

Oceane Ripple Ring

Oceane Ring

Oceane Ripple Ring

Boxy Boxy Chain

line for a walk


Marlowe Chain

Marlowe Chain with black agate stone



toy cars

cOceane Ring

brunch and homeschool

propagation and burnt sage

mona ring

Mona Ring

boxy boxy and mona ring
Della Ring
Della rings
Della Drip Rings in molten sterling silver
Locked In

maybe she liked to stay indoors with them
to fool herself
into thinking she could be small there
to hide away
or maybe the guise of safety was just an excuse to enjoy
toys cars ushered in and out of shallow water
thoughts of percentages, cubed numbers and the colour of a flame when copper burns
laughing when it got too hard to do the maths
piano tunes
no expectations
sun on wall visitations 
simple hours and boring days
ordinary types of things
that make the remarkable things,
actually, remarkable things.

Reb x

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