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Sarah Ellis: Ordinary Days in L&C

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What are the things that make us all tick? When restrictions have been so prevalent recently, I'm becoming even more fascinated with what it is that fills our 'Ordinary days' with inspiration. Meet Sarah, our second guest to share in this sequence, a fellow L&C'er and wedding photographer from here in Belfast. She loves spending time in a creative nook she just painted and set up for herself. She's a piano player, a playlist complier, a hiker, comedy watcher with a big heart for all the couples she works with. We are all so multi-faceted. Sarah is no exception and I'm obsessed with all the details.. Thank you so much for letting us take a glimpse into your life Sarah. Go check out what she's doing over on @sunandbeau
Meet Sarah
Hi Sarah. How’s lockdown been for you?
Strangely enough,  lockdown kickstarted me taking the leap to become a full time wedding photographer. In August 2020, I finally said "yes" to the wild idea of taking my business full time and it has been the best decision i have ever made. I was in a constant state of panic for the first 2 months because we went into yet another lockdown by this point but I knew this was my dream and had to make it happen no matter what. Now we are here coming into April and this will have been my business's best year yet! I am so thankful for every single one of my couples who have made my  business that much busier.
Back wearing Necklaces
Necklace Stack
What’s your idea of a perf ordinary day?
I'd wake up early in the morning before anyone else and head out for an adventure up the mournes with my mum. We would listen to "Walking on a Dream" by 'Empire of the Sun' and stop in to get some pain au chocolat from the bakery on the way. At the top of the climb, you can always expect a picnic of soup, sandwiches and mum's signature oat milk hot chocolate. After the adventure, i'd wind down for a chill evening to play some piano for a bit and hang out with my partner for a while watching some stand up comedy like Billy Connelly.
marlowe ring
Piano and Marlowe Ring
Creative Nooks
Dreamer coin on Piano
Fav food or meal?
My favourite meal has to be Christmas dinner. In the run up to Christmas 2020, my partner and I had Christmas dinner nearly every evening for a week.
Black & White
What inspires you ?
I have a playlist on Youtube I go to when I feel like i need inspiration. Here's my playlist if anyone wants it.  It is a compilation of the most beautiful shots in movie history by The Solomon Society and some of the most beautiful music videos of all time. I challenge anyone to not feel inspired.
Sarah wears Cosmo 1
Sarah wears Cosmo 2
Fav show you’ve watched or fiction during lockdown?
100% has got to be Final Space. It is adorable, funny, smart and at times, emotional. Worth the watch! 
We're obsessed with all the details of your day-to-day Sarah. Thanks for sharing.
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