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Sarah | Mums With Their Own Businesses | Interview Series | Part 2

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Blog post on five things about Sarah.

Continuing Part 2 in the 'interview series' where i bring to the blog a range of females who comment on five things including motherhood, how they juggle their creative projects and style. We will be hearing from new Scottish mama Sarah. I was originally struck by Sarah's gorgeous moody gallery on Instagram and have tuned into her feed ever since. She's also a supporter of the Lines & Current brand, often sporting the ODA ring on her thumb for her many 'coffee-time' hand-selfies. I guess, there's something about her that reminds me of the 'slower-lived' pace i experienced back a decade ago when i had my first daughter, (remember in Part 1, I shared my brief knitting venture with Etsy?) so our conversation serves to contrast to high-speed lifestyle other creative mama's with multiple or older kids may find themselves. Here's five things about Sarah...


My name is Sarah Ferguson, I am married to my husband of almost 2 years, Calum and we have a 10 month old baby girl called Wren. We live in the Scottish Borders in an old stone home in the countryside. I am currently on Maternity leave from my job in sales development. I will be starting a new role when I return to work in May. However, I currently run my own little biz, via Etsy, selling hand knitted baby booties promoting said business through my blog Brass Buttons & Confidence that I started 2 years ago and my Instagram. 


My usual week day is the day of a single parent as my husband works away from home. So Wren and I will usually attend a baby group, we'll walk our dog Poppy, meet friends and in the evening after bedtime, I start my knitting job. 

Sarah & Wren



My style is predominantly minimal and I've always tried to mix fashion and function since becoming a mum. I like COS stores for their clean lines, oversized fit and masculine fitting. I love Acne studios for the special pieces. Their tailoring is amazing and I live in my acne scarves. You'll never see me without at least one of them! 

Sarah on style

Sarah and her style as a mum


I will research fashion, via online blogs and Pinterest. I love to look at interior design blogs to find inspiration for my home and I'll also be searching new wool colours... dreaming up new combos! I guess one thing I also like to do is search for travel destinations and flights to far off places! Oh... and the odd scan of right move property sites! Haha!! 


I utilise nap times. I should probably sleep when Wren does, but I've never done that and it doesn't feel right to start now. I probably run myself a little thin, but I enjoy what I do, and it means I can keep my time with Wren focussed on just doing something with her. I don't put too much pressure on myself, because once you do that, it becomes 'work' and not the kind of work you like to do. 

Pink Booties Sarah sells on her Etsy site.

Tune into Sarah's daily Instagram feed HERE & her lovely Etsy shop HERE where she sells her cute handmade booties.

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