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The dainties + VOLUMES of summer

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Introducing for Summer 2022, the 'dainties' and the 'volumes', we've room for both. With growing kids and a business, what's becoming apparent to me, in a bid to feel safer is this need to fit into 'one or the other.' From being an artist to being a business woman. From minimalist dressing to unkempt hair, from restriction to freedom. This summer, we explore the creative balance and lack of. We celebrate 'neither, and, or.' We invite you to take up your space: the dainties; the Volumes and whatever is between.


We tether to only ourselves and adjust the lens to appreciate the world from our own point of view.  Grab your morning coffee... or grab your clogs on the way out the door because there's room for the home-bodies AND the dance-floor divas here... 



home body and sigrid


Sigrid Satellite Chain
Sigrid Satellite and Penelope chain
Anklets and rings
Sigrid studs

"Grab your clogs on the way out the door.. home bodies AND the dance-floor divas are welcome here"

Grab your clogs

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Volumes Collection
Going out in Volumes
Volumes Collection
Volumes Collection
Paula hoops


All jewellery available now at + in Volumes, Chains, Sigrid + New In Collection.

Photography: Macy Stewart

Models: Katharine Magwood  + Ciara Martin (Antipode the Agency)

Makeup: Frankie Darling

Chairs: Betty's Lounge

Creative Assist: Amanda Forson

2nd Creative Assist: Ruth Briggs

Styling & Words: Rebekah Johanson

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