The DREAMER Collection | the Mini Add On's | Part II - Lines & Current

The DREAMER Collection | the Mini Add On's | Part II

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the mini add on coins for dreamer pendant

Designing this collection has given me even more of an excuse to keep my head in the clouds. For part II of this series, we welcome the mini Add-On coins to the DREAMER pendant and i thought i'd share with you the types of imagery I've been absorbing over the past few months as I've been dreaming up design and story. I think you'll understand why the jewellery pieces have taken the direction they have for my Winter 2017/18 collection. Let's take a moment to escape shall we?

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Pinterest Image

I've been loving clouds recently and the colour palate they offer.  The murky shadows, the gold tones, the abstract shapes and feminine silhouette of the images above totally lend themselves to the idea of stepping out of realism and into dream-space. Luckily for me I live in Belfast and if Belfast does anything well.. it's clouds, so it's been a perfect backdrop to let ideas and imagery brew for the DREAMER collection.


Featuring the DREAMER pendant

Rebekah and clouds

This collection has come to completion after 4 months of designing and dreaming up shape and story. Finally, the mini Add-On coins are here. Again in collaboration with Plume Calligraphy you can select your initial. At 11mm in diameter, these mini coins slip through the loop on your main DREAMER necklace and sit together with your main 15mm coin pendant. They are the perfect way to cherish those extra precious people; hear them tinkle together close to your heart.

the DREAMER pendant with mini add on coins


the DREAMER pendant

the mini add on coins for the dreamer pendants

Thanks for escaping with me here for a minute and for all the interest there has been so far in these mini add-on coins. Link to purchase the DREAMER pendant & optional mini 'Add On' coins HERE.

Photo cred to Pinterest & @newportals for taking the outdoor scenes of moi. x

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