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The Making of the HETTA video

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You know those mornings when hair-taming is way down on the priority list and you just need out the door. Well, the HETTA is still my fav- 'grab & go' headwear solution and i have a hunch i might not be alone on this considering how many of you lovely cheerleaders have purchased over the last two years.  If you didn't already know, she's back, rebranded with our signature L&C logo, but how to make a mark for the second time was my question? What more does she have to say since her first release in 2015? (If you're interested in that early 'How to wear the HETTA' video you can have a look at me winging it HERE)

Being the heavily pregnant- waddling-third trimester state i am, i really wasn't sure how much i wanted to contribute to letting HETTA's voice being heard in AW17, but as with many other creative projects in my career so far, a suggestion by my husband to 'make a short promo film' unravelled and here you have it... and for all you who like the juicier things in life.. i've included some of the outtakes of that day. 

Of course, we used music by the twinny @newportals & her hubby @newportalsboy for the backing track, (an unreleased track called "Feel Good,") but even more so, we recruited them their creative vision, camera holding and editing skills. Yup, it's a DIY job from start to finish. If there's anything we've learned being in the same family as these two, is that they 'get sh*t done,' whether it's getting a team together to work on creative projects or just DIY-ing it; they're two of the most creative and proactive people we know... so without much fuss things happened quite fast.

Ruth and Mike getting geared up for the making of the HETTA video

On a February morning, with our collective kids at school, (isn't school such great child-care?) the shoot began in my usual photo space, aka tiny box room office  aka, soon-to-be baby room.

Jon holding mirror

Awk would ya look at my main man lookin' important holding some kind of circular light-mirror thingy? 

The vision for the shoot is, as you can see from the video above, simple with wintery tones, showcasing the HETTA & her multifunctional ways through some lifestyle shots.

The HETTA as a neckcoil

Shooting on a bridge in East Belfast

In true Belfast style, the storms were a -brewin' which made for some raw blustery footage later on in the afternoon. 

it must be love

Ah good. It must be love.... 

Rebekah looking nice and shapely on bridge shooting HETTA video

Quite hilarious really, but i must point out that in no way am i ashamed of my expanding third trimester belly, it's just that with headwear promotion, i wondered would the preggo bump narrow the impact HETTA has, as i want to reach outside of mummy-circles (as lovely as we are!) 

Preggo & loving it:)

There you have it. Outtakes, protruding belly shots, windswept hair and all. There's not much glamour here. I suppose it's part of the creative blend of 'real life' that happens as a entrepreneur or mumpreneur or whatever you wanna call it. Serious thanks to @newportalsboy for his quick edit of all the takes we took that day. Check out their music HERE.

Another thanks to the twinny @newportals for her eyes & sisterly no crap-instructions "chin up, look here, smile... no that's cheesy, not like that..." & my husband, he's seriously, the invisible backbone of this business.

the hetta as a headband turban yoga bandthe hetta as an oversized slouchie beanie hat

Grab your HETTA hat HERE. Everyone needs one. I'm still offering free UK shipping and we do our best to get it to you fast- basically you can order now from your sofa and be wearing it in a few days:)

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