Trekstock Interview with Kelly

As many of you know, Lines & Current is interested in making a positive social impact on the world around us. One of the ways we are working towards this is by partnering with local charities. This month and the next, a portion of profits made from your purchases will be donated to a charity called Trekstock. Click HERE for an interview with my online friend Kelly (pictured here on the right with her pal Nat- together they make new project House of Mamas.) Photo cred- Chelone Wolf 

This is charity supports young adults 18-39 years through and beyond cancer.  I heard about Kelly's adventure to the Sahara with the Trekstock team months ago and something about it caught my heart. Here's a little insight & a brief exchange between us!

Hi Kelly, tell me a bit about yourself (Your family life and career etc?)

So me….we’ll I’m a 33yr old Londonite born and bread, still living in this crazy city. I come from a big family, I have four sisters (so one of 5 girls) and I am a twin we are the youngest. Family is very important to me, we are all extremely close, I have 7 nieces and 1 nephew. We lost our Dad in Dec 2010 at the age of 65 to Lung Cancer. I had no idea the impact of what losing a parent would be and it was hard. My Dad was our rock it so many ways. As for me, I worked at a very young age, was thrown into the world of finance at 16 into Investment Banking. I spent 16 years building a successful career but as I got a little old and wiser, I realised I was no long made for the banking world. I took a sabbatical at 31 and went travelling in South America, this experience was a turning point for me and I knew I wanted to do for myself. Improve my quality of life. By this I mean not to be driven by money or finance. I wanted to be happy in my life and live sufficiently. So I left finance earlier this year and began my journey of setting up my own business, House of Mamas was born with my best friend and social media focused savvy Natalie. Early days but we are setting up a Social Media, PR digital and events company.


How did you hear about Trekstock?

I met Sophie the founder of Trekstock at a Deliciously Ella Supper Club which was supporting Trekstock. I sat on Sophie’s table and we discussed the charity. Before this I had never come across trekstock. They were only founded in 2010. I’ve had cancer touch my life in many ways and have done some smaller fundraising before through runs for local hospices etc. So this trek was something that I was excited about. 

What got you motivated enough to go on the trek and tell me about the adventure itself?

I took the motivation and inspiration from my time in South America. I hiked Machu Picchu a trail called the Larez Trek. This trek is far more remote and a much higher altitude then the touristy Inca trail. Looking back at how hard I found this trek in particular because of the altitude sickness I suffered as soon at we hit 9k feet at base camp – we hiked to 15k ft. I wished my efforts had been for something more then just my own accomplishment which was still something in itself. So after this I found I had a love for the outdoors and for challenges which push me to the edge. Hence I’m taking on the Sahara. It's Trekstocks 5th anniversary so makes it a little more special too.



Kelly will be bringing her HENNING sunnies & a MARTA band to the Sahara with her this week. We hope you have a really rewarding trip Kelly and wish you happiness and success with your new social media/events company House of Mamas. You can follow Kelly on her adventures on her Instagram account at 'house_of _mamas & visit to learn more about Trekstock.







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