Autumn Edit | Part One - Lines & Current

Autumn Edit | Part One

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Thinking it's time to try something new for the turn of the season, I asked local model Melissa Elliott to come over to the Studio for me to shoot her in some of the recent jewellery designs.  I was completely in my element throughout the entire shoot. Firstly, i love a good collaboration. Working with others, drawing from their creative energy as we try to produce interesting content is really a joy to me:) Melissa is really lovely. She has a light heartedness about her that i admire and a definite "let's just try it" attitude. Secondly, being the one behind the camera was a real treat to me.  I'm learning just how much i love setting up composition and the framing of portraiture, working with light and dark right up until the final edit, so I'm going with it for now. Finally, getting to showcase some clothes of others brands is kinda fun. Many of the clothes photographed below were from local, French inspired boutique Parici, run by French (and fellow school-gate mum) Kathleen.  

Jewellery by Lines & Current
the Demi Moon Sister Pendant
Crescent Moon Sister Pendant in Silver
Crescent Moon Sister pendant and Extra Long beaded chain in 18k gold plating
the Moon sisters necklace
The Dreamer necklace and Extra long Beaded chain in 18k gold plating
Olinda Signet Ring and Mona Ring
the ODA ring
the ODA ring
Rings: the Mona Ring with small Black gem,
the Olinda Pinkie with large Onyx stone &
the Oda open circle in 18K gold plating &
Hilda Hoops
the Hilda Hoops in gold plating.
Melissa in the Hilda Hoops
The Frederik Capthe Frederik Cap and Olinda Signet Ring
the Luna pendant
And finally, one of my fav shots of Melissa displaying her innate effortlessness and joy. 
Hope you enjoyed your scroll!
Melissa in the Lines & Current Studio

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