'Oda' Open Circle Ring | Sterling Silver


Imagine Openess, Originality and being Okay with a little bit of transparency, the ODA Open Circle Ring adds a modern statement to your finger. She's dainty & fine at under 2mm thick yet confidently says "I'm okay with me," solid in her Sterling Silver geometric shape. 

5 Ring Diameter Sizes Available!

16mm (S)

17mm (M)

18mm (L)

19mm (XL)

20mm (XXL)

Rebekah wears an 18mm (L) and her middle & forefinger measures 6.5cms if measured with a piece of string.


We've made Sizing is easy!

  • XXS-  14mm         F1/2    UK
  • XS-    15mm         I           UK
  • S-       16mm        K1/2    UK
  • M-      17mm       N         UK
  • L-       18mm        P1/2   UK
  • XL-     19mm       R1/2   UK 
  • XXL-  20mm       U         UK


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Thanks to @lapinblu & @theminipost for one of these pics.

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