Back To Basics | Part 2 - Lines & Current

Back To Basics | Part 2

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If I was to sum up my thoughts on 2017, i would say the biggest realisation I've had is that all the inspiration and basically everything i need to live a fulfilled life is already inside. Not outside.

As I said in Part 1, I've been trying to resist consuming all the content that hits me in the face daily, and it's not pretty, it's so hard to resist a quick insta flick when i have a 'spare' 30 seconds, isn't it? 

So the latest three designs of 2018, have celebrated this idea of going back to basics to rekindle the power of simplicity, where we find space to let ideas percolate (and I've also enjoy a dash of nostalgia too.) Let me briefly tell you a bit more about them.

First up. Did you see our collaboration in All That is She and the All That is Three Infinity Necklace?

All That is Three necklace in collaboration with Dominique

Three sterling silver interlocking circles on a strong but fine silver chain. The 'All that is Three Necklace' is like a jewellery version of the images Dominique has created with her daughters. Mama, Daughter, Daughter. The Elska Infinity Necklace with two interlocking circles was one of our first necklace designs we released in 2015 and is still a strong seller for us, so it made sense to rework the  simplicity of this design into this triple interlocking circle one. Your response to our collab has been amazing, thank you. 

All That is Three necklace in collaboration

All That is Three necklace in collaboration with Dominique

Secondly, The Freya Necklace, two chains on one, simple as anything, but has an abundance about her. I love to wear a few different chain at once, but don't like when they tangle together. Freya gives a minimally layered look without the hassle of tangles. 

Freya Double stranded Necklace

Finally, the Alberta Bar bracelet. It's such a nostalgic design for me as i grew up seeing versions of it as a necklace on my mum and a bracelet my aunt wore. 

This is our version of the classic watch chain, named after Prince Albert (1819-1861), the main use of the watch chain was to ensure the pocket watch was secure. The bar on one end was used to tuck into a button hole of a waistcoat, makes sense, eh? Again, celebrating the idea of going back to basics, I called it Alberta, the province in Canada where Jon, my husband is from and where we met. The Alberta Bar bracelet is the final jewellery design of 2018. A touch of 'masculine' with a heap of 'vintage.'  Pure classic. 

The Alberta Bar Bracelet

Aberta Bracelet

 PC: @macystewartphoto

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