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An Afternoon in Organic Clothes with Sister-Friends

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My best friend Leanne came to live right beside me for three months. She's not from here, our lives are so different, but having her close was just the most 'pinch me now.. is this really real?" experiences. It wasn't a holiday, there was an open-endedness to her stay here but we both kinda knew it might not be a forever thing. It was a brief moment in time of deep chats, belly laughs, tears (cos always) and i miss her. Anyhow, over the course of time, the twin sis flew home for a few days and around this time i was sent some beautiful organic clothing (from Beaumont Organic brand) to photograph along side some Lines & Current bling. So naturally, some play was in order.. get the tunes on, try on some luxury organic wear and enjoy an afternoon that didn't require any lifemin, tactical thinking or putting the world to right:)

Thought I'd share some of the pics we took and please check out Beaumont Organic, a clothing brand that has a consciousness I respect and whose lovely luxurious, loose aesthetic was fun to photograph and integrate into my wardrobe. 

Leanne, Ruth and Rebekah

Leanne in Beaumont x Lines and CurrentLeanne in Lines & Current Earrings

Leanne wearing Beaumont Organic

Leanne wearing the Abbey Linen Jacket in Khaki. (I noticed it's also available in black, but Mrs Green eyes was rocking that Khaki) Also decked in Lines & Current Earrings including the Bar Earrings & the Freya double stranded chain. Ooh and spot the new Earring cuffs coming your way..

Leanne and Rings

Alberta bracelet, Oda ring, Olinda black onyx signet ring and new think cuff ring- coming soon.

Ruth sitting

Ruth wearing the Alberta bar bracelets and the Ecru jumper by Beaumont Organic

Ruth wearing Alessandra Cotton Jumper in Ecru and Alberta bracelets and rings from Lines & Current.

Leanne and the All that is Three Necklace

'Beauty for Ashes'

Leanne wearing Blouse from Beaumont Organic and the All that is Three necklace with rose gold mid circle.


Rebekah wearing the softest Nicole-Maria Model Trousers in Coffee by Beaumont Organic and New Spinner pendant by Lines & Current.

Rebekah in the Moon Sisters and Extra long chain

Rebekah wearing the Frederik cap and Moon Sisters with Extra Long chain.


Finally, Rebekah in the Ecru knit by Beaumont Organic & the Dreamer pendant by Lines & Current. 

All photographed by us in the upper room of our new studio space, Clothes on loan for photographing. Thanks again Beaumont Organic. We loved throwing on some luxurious fabric and styling with our everyday minimal bling. x

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