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Our Giving in 2017

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Child working at Waterfalls Primary School.


I love this job.

Really, i do. I'm going to cut to the chase cos I'm just really proud of you and us all in fact. In 2017, our donation to SOS Children's Villages was enough to send a total of 15 kids to a school for a year. The donation we made in Autumn was for 6 kids to go to a School called Waterfalls Primary School, located in the east of Zimbabwe which has been the school for many orphaned, abandoned and neglected children since it started in 1989. Since then we've been chatting with SOS to see where another donation could be utilised the most effectively and they have advised that it would be best used to send another 9 kids to a primary school in Basse, in the Gambia, Africa. Our donation covers the cost of their tuition fees, transport and books for one year.

Boy doing school work

For those of you who are new to this community, here's what we've been doing since the start.  We've been donating 10% of profits since the start of 2015, by partnering with various charities, giving to these transforming causes and developing the social conscious aspect of the brand. In 2017 we've been working with one charity; the awesome SOS Children's Villages.  The reason we like their work is because we like the idea that when equipped with the knowledge and skills kids get from an education, children can grow up to be empowered, grow in confidence and purpose which is such a wonderful gift at a young age. Something i cherish for my own kids too. It can also have a positive impact on the infrastructure of the community, increase their social security and change the course of their future. 

We're letting our hearts lead the way with this one, listening to where there is the most need and chatting with SOS Children's Villages about where our next donation can be best utilised.

Thankyou for your support ladies and gentlemen (especially the husbands who love to treat their wives to lovely minimal bling all year round:)

Kids at work

Kids learning in primary school in Basse, Africa

SOS logo


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