The DREAMER Collection | Earrings | Part III - Lines & Current

The DREAMER Collection | Earrings | Part III

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the DREAMER collection part III

If you've been following along, you'll see that I've been having some fun with this collection. My DREAMER board on Pinterest is filled all my visual crushes....clouds, abstract forms and portrait photography. I've been enjoying these elements of imagery so much, I challenged myself to play a bit with the photography and styling as this collection has unravelled. Who says mums of three can't play? But oh boy.. try having your husband be your photographer. Photography days are hard for me cos I guess I don't love being in front of the camera and we are quite the pair. I'll admit sometimes there are tears and the "but you said you wanted it this way? You're not doing it right" squabbles are a real joy. Oh yes, my husband and I have our fun working together on this business every day, but in reality i think we're a great team and generally take these harder moments on the chin. This collection is dedicated to you Jon. Husband of my dreams, who champions me and tells me "it's okay, it's working" & reminds me "if it was easy, it wouldn't be any fun." Without his support in this, there's no way I'd have the guts to be the 'face' of this brand. 

Anyhoo, back to the the DREAMER collection. For part III, we're having a bit of an EARRING party. Oh earrings, how i love thee.  Earrings are totally having their "moment" right now. Perhaps they didn't go anywhere for you, but they did for me, and now in my mid-thirties i have a renewed excitement for them. Still soft shapes, floaty golds and of course, minimal in design. (Another timely bonus is that my multiple piercings have now paid their post piercing single stud dues!) K, let's go....

First up.. the  Delilah D Oval Earrings or Delilah Dreamers. Swooping, smooth and slightly hammered, the earrings have a drop of 43mm and rise again in an imperfectly D shaped form. I really love them. They are bold little ladies and their organic D shape has that implicit reminder to keep dreaming imbedded without being obvious. The type of earrings you'd wear when you're on a city break and wanna make your daytime minimal statement and then just keep them on for dinner time too. Available in sterling silver and gold-plated. Have another look HERE.

the DELILAH dreamer earrings

the Delilah dreamer earrings in gold

the DELILAH dreamer earrings in gold

Next up.. the simple DANA Cuff Earring band  hugs around your ear. Smooth, matt and unpolished, this everyday earring cuff reminds you to hold your dreams tight and can be worn on any piercing position. 

the DANA cuff earring band

the DANA cuff earring band

the DANA cuff earring band

Unpolished, matt and available in sterling silver and gold-plated. Check the DANA cuffs HERE.

The final piece I'm excited to show you is the D Hoop Earring or DREAMER Arc Hoop. It's the simplest design but that's where the magic is. At 0.8mm thick wire hooks through the ear and is a play on the conventional circular hoop. 

the d hoop earrings in gold by lines and current

the D hoop earring by lines and current

the D hoop earring by lines and current

Available in sterling silver and gold-plated. Have another look HERE. 

Throw them on together...

the DANA and D hoop earrings by lines and current

the d hoop and dana cuff earring bands by lines and current

All of the earrings are sold in our skinny kraft foil printed boxes so they are perfect little pressies too. I've really poured myself into this collection. I remember when the first concept came to me sitting on my bed in July while while Espen was asleep beside me. It's taken nearly half a year to get these babies out there, as is the nature of design, sampling, modifying, photographing. And now i exhale....

Which earrings do you prefer? More importantly, what do ya think about my blue arc line? Can Mums of three in their mid-thirties seriously pull off this extent of "play" while their kids are busy with numbers at school? i think we all agree that yes we can..

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the dreamer collection part III is all about earrings




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