The DREAMER Collection | Part I - Lines & Current

The DREAMER Collection | Part I

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We are the dreamers. I'm calling this collection the DREAMER collection. All handmade with eco-friendly, recycled sterling silver, there's an 'otherness' to the designs. With abstract, soft oval shapes and some play on the letter 'D' appealing to the 'Dreamer' in us, we are called to imagine beyond what is here and allow our hearts to dream our own dream.  So let's go.. i have quite the beauty for you. Introducing the first coin pendant to the collection -the DREAMER pendant.

I was honoured to have my Canadian artist friend Aileen from Plume Calligraphy (you must check out her beautiful work,) ask could we collaborate together on this piece (you know i love them Canadians.)  The idea was that her unique lettering could be incorporated into a jewellery design. So she came up with a font to be engraved on to this pendant. Dreamy, romantic and moving, her custom designed Alphabet totally expresses the dream-like quality i wanted to convey for this collection.

PLUME Alphabet

And here you have it. A gold-plated floaty coin on a beaded silver dot chain. I'm totally into the mixed metals for a slightly naughty edge for this classic everyday design. Delicate with a retro kick, you know, even reminiscent of when your Granda wore a chain around his neck... 

I'll take you with me. With me in my dreams. Together we go...the DREAMER pendant.

Plume Calligraphy of an E on Dreamer pendant

the DREAMER pendant with E engraving

An 'E' initial for all my kids. Emelia, Esmee & Espen. Oh how i take them with me. 

Plume calligraphy intial R on Dream pendant by lines and current

or an 'R' for Rebekah.. i need to remember my name:-)

or simply go bare...

the DREAM pendant by Lines & Current

the DREAMER pendant

Shop the DREAMER pendant HERE.

Next up.. the ABSTRACT ELSKA infinity necklace. Our beloved ELSKA has become a friend to many of us so it just seemed rude not develop her design a bit more. In enters ELSKA's abstract cousin. She's the perfect dreamer for this collection. Soft oval, asymmetrical shapes and frankly, she's a little abstruse and difficult to understand. I can relate. Anyhow, you've two chain length sizes to choose from and an extension chain on both. 

the ABSTRACT ELSKA infinity pendant

the ABSTRACT ELSKA infinity necklace pendant

the ABSTRACT ELSKA infinity pendant

Shop the ABSTRACT ELSKA infinity necklace HERE.

Finally, I'm adding some luxury to this collection with our first solid gold addition. Same popular Eclectic ELSKA design but with a solid 9k gold interlocking circle. The mixed metal version is favoured so highly among you lot, I thought I'd push the boat out and offer you a solid version rather than the gold-plated. Your life-time 'you & me,' infinity classic to hold on to forever.

the ECLECTIC ELSKA Infinity necklace with 9k interlocking gold circle


the ECLECTIC ELSKA Infinity necklace with 9k interlocking gold circle

SHOP the ECLECTIC ELKSA with 9k gold interlocking circle HERE.

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