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Since the start of L&C, many of you know we committed to a giving at least 10% of our proceeds to charities that bring about change. Without your orders and how you have supported the brand we would never have been able to do this so thank you so much. This has been a really important aspect of our business.

I think, for me and probably many others, we might actually burst if we just kept certain things to ourselves. Our songs, our love, our business ideas, our desire to make others feel better, our creativity, our words, our homemade cooking or our money. If we hold these things too tight cos we're scared we'll loose them, things have a habit of getting damned up and stinky. Rather, if we keep things moving with our grip loose and hearts open, it's easy to 'give' because we were never holding it tightly in the first place. In fact, it actually just feels natural without frills or chat about it or anything. Just a natural outward flow. It's the premise of this brand and the reason 'current' is in its title.

So what is it we are giving to i hear you say?

With the proceeds of 10% sales since the start of 2017, we have partnered with the awesome SOS Children's Villages charity. We've had the privilege of sending 6 children to a primary school in Zimbabwe by covering the cost of their school fees, transportation and books for one year. How cool is that? The School is Waterfalls Primary School and is located in the east of the country and since it began in 1989, it has been the school for many orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. 

We give every quarter so we're hopeful that by the end of 2017 we will also have given a few more primary school age kids the chance of education.

Waterfalls Primary School Zimbabwe

What we really liked about this charity is that the cycle of poverty can be broken by ensuring children get a good education. Many of the families in certain poverty- stricken communities around the world don’t have the financial resources available to send their children to school and they are denied access to education. I know it might not be the answer to every problem in communities where poverty is rife, but i really think when equipped with the knowledge and skills kids get from an education, children can grow up to be empowered, grow in confidence and purpose which is such a wonderful gift at a young age. Something I cherish for my own kids as I've watched them grow in personal interests and in personal accomplishment gained from learning.

Waterfalls Primary School, Zimbabwe

Please feel free to have wander around around the SOS Children's Villages charity website and ask us any questions you like. We give every quarter so we will let you know any updates we get as they come... Thank you Again you lot. x

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