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Liquid Love '21

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My love is like liquid. It seeps into the cracks where words can't reach


If there was ever a sense of 'unfinished business,' it was with this collection. Back early 2020, while at home with the kids, the initial brooding for this collection took hold. I wanted my kids to know the comfort of something i couldn't give them with long home school hours and lockdown humdrum. The oozing nature of molten became a personal emblem to hold tight; that love could travel to places i can't.  If that was the 'inhale' of 2020, then this bit feels like the 'exhale.'  Introducing six new pieces to Liquid Love '21 collection. Moving metal, infused with linear lines. A call to mother nature for her guidance, to the waves and sand that polish off hard edges and us the lovers- dodging the rip currents and doing out best, no matter how imperfectly. 


It's a fun lil' collection, drip-like yet substantial, featuring solid molten pendants, stackable chain lengths and a nod to the iconic 90's choker layering. 


Again we say hello to the Sigrid shell we first met in 2020, now she's a ring and the mini Saoirse locket bears a smooth square shell on her face too. 






Liquid name Tag


Liquid Tag and Sigrid charm

The Liquid Name Tag with optional added Sigrid Charm





Oceane Set

The Océane pendant with matching Océane Earring discs and ring




Oceane Disc Earrings


Oceane Disc Earrings

The Océane Disc Earrings



The Saoirse Shell mini locket on double box choker chain


Six new pieces, designed to be well-worn like a sea glass, tousled by waves and grit but literally dripping in a sense of their own beauty. Travelling like liquid into places where words can't reach. A solid liquified reminder that you are the carrier of your creativity, your energy, your love, your good feelings. Surging and slow all at once, always there.  Reb x


Model: Amanda McVeigh

Images, words & designs:  Rebekah Johanson

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